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Brow Brush

Brow Brush

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The Saint Minerals Brow Brush is a dual-ended tool that helps you achieve perfectly groomed brows + create sultry eye looks. Its stiff, angled end blends our Saint Minerals Brow Butter effortlessly, while the spoolie tames + grooms your brows. With precision + control, this vegan-friendly brush delivers polished results every time.

The Saint Minerals Brow Brush is your ultimate tool for perfectly groomed + defined brows. This dual-ended brush features a stiff, angled end that effortlessly blends our Saint Minerals Brow Butter into your brow hairs, allowing you to create natural-looking fullness + shape. The spoolie end is perfect for grooming + taming your brows, ensuring they stay in place all day.

Not only is the Saint Minerals Brow Brush ideal for brow application, but it also works wonders for creating a sultry + smokey eye look. Use the angled end to softly blend + smudge your eyeliner, giving you a beautifully smoky + smouldering effect.

With the Saint Minerals Brow Brush, you have complete control + precision in achieving polished + professional results. The high-quality bristles are designed to provide seamless application + ensure that your brows look flawless every time.

As with all Saint Minerals products, the Saint Minerals Brow Brush is vegan-friendly, aligning with our commitment to cruelty-free beauty. You can feel good about using a brush that is not only effective but also ethically conscious.

Elevate your brow game and unleash your creativity with the Saint Minerals Brow Brush. Whether you’re aiming for perfectly sculpted brows or a sultry eye look, this brush will be your go-to for achieving stunning results.


The Saint Minerals Brow Brush is a versatile tool designed for effortless brow grooming + creating sultry eye looks. Its dual-ended design features a stiff, angled brush on one end, perfect for seamlessly blending our Saint Minerals Brow Butter into your brow hair for natural-looking definition. The spoolie on the other end helps you tame unruly brows + create a polished finish.

To ensure the best performance of your Saint Minerals Brow Brush, we recommend gently brushing the bristles with your fingers a few times before the first use. This helps to remove any loose or excess hair that may be present.

When it comes to cleaning your Saint Minerals Brow Brush, we suggest using a mild brush cleaner or shampoo. Simply dampen the bristles with water + apply a small amount of brush cleaner or shampoo. Gently work the product into the bristles using your fingers or a brush cleaning pad, + then rinse thoroughly with water.

It’s important to note that using alcohol-based cleaners can potentially damage the glue + bristles of the brush, so it’s best to avoid them. By taking proper care of your Saint Minerals Brow Brush, you can ensure its longevity + maintain its performance over time.

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